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Electrodrodi 3.5 for Android

New update… buy now on Google Play. Changelog: • negative values in ADC converter; • improved some functions (decibel converter, amplifier, etc); • popup in inductor color code; • solved flashing screen on rotation; • fixed bug in resistor color code; • fixed bug in resistor look-up; • updated some resources; • minor bugs fixed; • updat [...]

ElectroDroid 1.6 for Windows Phone

ElectroDroid 1.6 for Windows Phone is now available on Windows Phone Store. Changelog: - ISO connector for car audio pinout; - Character LCD pinout; - GPIB (IEEE-488) pinout; - Arduino Uno, Due, Leo, Mega, Micro pin-outs; - Russian, Portuguese translations;

Electrodroid 3.4

Version 3.4 is now available: Play Store link Change-log: • Y-Δ Transformation; • faster insertion of values in the popup dialog; • standard resistors info in resistor color code; • possibility to choose the resistor’s serie in voltage divider and 555 calculators; • ISO connector for car audio; • Arduino Uno pin-outs; • bug fix in LM317 [...]

ElectroDroid 1.5 for Windows Phone

ElectroDroid 1.5 for Windows Phone is now availble on: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=60dea399-4e76-46cb-bb15-69b9068e7680 changelog: - NE555 calculator; - Voltage regulator/LM317 calculator; - fixed some bugs in decibel converter; - new pinouts: SD card, OBD-II; - new resources: Fuses and Automotive Fuses color codes; - Spanish translat [...]