We recognize that privacy is important and appreciate your trust to provide us this information to improve our service.

The app do NOT requires the user to be registered and we do NOT have access to your email or personal data.
If you contact our customer support, we will use the data you provide (e.g. your name and email address) only for contacting you and improving our services. Data will be accessed only by our employers and we will never use such information for any other purposes, such as to further market our products, or to disclose your personal information to a third party for commercial gains.


We anonymously track and report app crashes and user's activity inside the application.
The data will be used to help us improve our application's performance, usability, and compatibility.
The collected data is anonymized by removing part of the IP address. We do NOT collect any information to identify the user or the device, and we will NOT sell the data to third party companies.
Google LLC operates as the processor of personal data that is handled in the analytics service.
Where applicable, you can opt-out from sending usage statistics from the application settings.


By using the Ads supported version of the app you consent to be served with Ads. If you do not agree, you must remove this version and buy the PRO version of the app that do not shows advertisement.
The app uses the following service for showing ads:

Depending on your privacy settings, service providers of advertisement may collect information to select advertisement, which is out of our control. In such cases, Google LLC operates as the controller of your personal data.
By agreeing, you are confirming that you are over the age of 16 and would like this personalized experience.
If you are a user of the European Economic Area, you can choice to be served with non-personalized Ads. In any case, you can choose what you are willing to share with Google by personalizing your Google profile with the specific Google application or web interface.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, please contact us.